My Experience of Installing WordPress

I’ve decided to start a blog using WordPress.  The followings describe the steps how I installed WordPress.

render of gears and the text wordpress

1)  I went to the WordPress site to download the program: Download WordPress 4.4.3

2) I unzipped the WordPress package.  After unzip, I found that there are 122 folders, 1299 files with a total file size: 19.9 MB in the package.

3) Due to the file size, to ensure stable long time connection to the website server, I used a Secure FTP app,  WinSCP to do files transfer.

4) I created a directory ‘blog’ in the html directory, then transferred the entire WordPress Package into this directory.

5) It took about 1 hour to complete files transfer, average transfer speed worked out to be 19.9 MB / 1 hour = 5,527 B/second.  The transfer speed ranged from a low of 800 B/second to 20,000 B/second.

6) Per the Famous_5-Minute_Install instructions, a database needs to be on my web server, as well as a MySQL user who has all privileges for accessing and modifying it, I logged into the CPanel of the server and created a database and a user with all the privileges to access the database and modify it.

7) I ran the installation script by accessing, the script asked me for four pieces of information: Database name, Database username, Database password and Database host.

8) After entering the database information per step 7 above, the script directed me to setup username and password for the Admin Panel.

9) After setting up the username and password for the Admin Panel, I entered the Admin Panel.  I see different menus: Dashboard, Posts, All Posts, Add New, Categories, Tags, Media, Pages, Comments, Appearance, Plugins, Users, Tools and Settings.

10) It will take time to learn the functions and uses of the different menus.  But at this point my WordPress blog is setup and ready to go.

Installation of WordPress is a piece of cake.  I highly recommend WordPress for blogging.

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